Hold the Sprouts

I don’t like sprouts. They taste like Earth. Everytime I say this The Chef gives me a weird look.

I also don’t like plain pine nuts (don’t get me wrong I love pesto). Or eggs benedict. I’m just now finally warming up to pate and cottage cheese. I don’t like cauliflower, but would like to give it a chance sometime soon.

I don’t consider myself a picky eater. There’s only a small variety of foods that I don’t like, and that’s mostly thanks to The Chef. Before him I was actually a vegetarian (only lasted a few months). And before that I would only eat chicken and some fish. I was also not that experimental with my vegetables and fruits. My palate has come a long way in five years, and I am so glad it has. Now I believe in trying everything at least once. No matter how gross it looks or sounds. Because you never know how good something is going to taste until you try it. And it almost always tastes good. If I hadn’t met The Chef who knows what glorious foods I’d have kept myself from!

I’ve been bad about bringing a lunch to work this week. But who says taking out can be unhealthy?

Turkey sandwich with meunster cheese, mustard and avocado on wheat bread. From Barracuda’s on St. Pete Beach. They make the best sandwiches!


And today was a wrap from Skidder’s loaded with grilled chicken, mozzarella, sundried tomato pesto and roasted red peppers. This. Was. Awesome.

In ordering out there are always unhealthy choices. Sure you can get that burger or that side of fries. But there almost always healthy options as well.

Welp, be prepared to not hear from me again for a few days. Going to move my mom! Three days in a car…I hope I don’t go crazy 🙂


Conversation Starter: What foods do you not like?


2 thoughts on “Hold the Sprouts

  1. I don’t like cherries, pineapple or coconut (no pina colada for me). And I get sick from eggplant as well as Powerade/Gatorade so I avoid sports/energy drinks. I also don’t like too many bones – in fish, goat, etc. Notice how chocolate never has any bones to be seen??? I’m still convinced it’s the perfect food.
    I also try to find the healthy option when eating out. I’ve found that Chili’s is the hardest place to do that – everything is fried or covered in cheese or sauce. Even the salads have tons of cheese, dressing and crunched up chips. I actually prefer cooking with friends and eating in. Pick a theme, open a kitchen, and chat while everyone cooks.

  2. My palate had too changed over the years. I used to only eat carbs. I mean only! But now I’ve expanded to a lot more ethnic foods as well as veggies and fruit.
    For foods I don’t like…hmmm…cabbage. Ew. Any type of fish too- not for me!

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