How to Be Lame on Halloween

Hey all! Happy Halloween!

I’ve always liked Halloween. I mean, who doesn’t love dressing up, eating candy and watching their favorite horror movies? However, the past few years Halloween has seemed to loose it’s luster. Going to a party is fun and you get to laugh and ooh and ahh at people’s costumes…but at the end of the night it’s just another party. Maybe I’m just being a party pooper?

Either way this year The Chef and I decided to forgo Halloween festivities. We’ve been doing so much work lately to prep my mom’s condo for her move in a week that we’ve been pretty pooped by nightfall. So this weekend we opted to stay in, nosh on some fun size candy and watch some scary movies. The Shining was on TV on Saturday…what a great movie. It never gets old, but I’m sorry that Shelley Duval kind of gets on my nerves.


Last night we watched The Dead Zone with Christopher Walken. Honestly, if he wasn’t in the movies, I think it would have sucked. It wasn’t a scary movie, but definitely very Stephan King. Kind of blah, but a good story line.


We had a Halloween potluck at work. I used to love potlucks at work, but now they’re not as exciting. Maybe because of so much turnover?

My plate.

I tried to keep healthy, but I can’t help trying a little bit of everything. Also, there wasn’t much healthy stuff to choose from 😦 Ended up with a BBQ pulled pork slider, a few meatballs, orange mashed potatoes, macaroni salad, orzo salad, salad and a few pieces of cheese.

I was also disapointed that more people didn’t try to put a Halloween spin on their dishes. The only Halloweenish dish was the “orange” mashed potatoes.

Dessert plate.

I had a cookie later on as well 🙂 And someone bought apple cider! I had been craving cider since I hadn’t had it in forever. The cider and doughnuts were fall perfection.

The Chef is working tonight so I was left to my own devices. I had to run around picking up a few donations for an upcoming fundraiser and putting up fliers. So I needed a no fuss meal. Publix was having great sales on everything this week so I decided to just stop by there and figure dinner out in the store. I knew I had some Morningstar Farm crumbles that needed to get used up, as well as frozen peas. And we had pasta in the pantry. So all I really bought for dinner was tomato sauce.

New to me Barilla sauce.

I mixed in the crumbles and peas first. Then added the sauce. Last was some garlic and some squirts of siracha to add a bit of a kick 🙂

It was good! The crumbles were a bit tough…think they had been in the freezer too long. But I really liked the sauce. It had a lot of flavor by itself and was nice and thick. And not too salty…sometimes we have trouble with bottled sauce being too sodium-rific.

Accompanied by some yummy Sauvignon Blanc.

This was really good! Received this as a thank you gift for watching a friend’s pups.

Needless, to say it’s a quiet night here…just me and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 🙂

Conversation Starter: How did you celebrate Halloween?




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