Salad Galore

Hey all, long time no blog…let’s get right into it…

My First Official Salad Beast

I love me some salad. And sometimes I’m in the mood for them more than other times, and this week seemed to be one of those times. Its also something that is so easy to throw together after a long, hard day. So earlier this week, when The Chef was working late and I was too tired to even think I decided to throw a salad together. Usually, I’ll just toss together the standard, tomatoes, cucumbers, meat and cheese, but this time was different…

It was pretty rad. I forgot how good canned tuna is!

New Things I’ve Tried This Week


Wasn’t too crazy about these at first, but they grew on me. A nice, chocolatey dessert when you don’t want to down 100s of calories. These are only 60 calories a pop and you’re getting some fruit intake too πŸ™‚

The Chef wasn’t big on these, but I really dig ’em. They’re nice, bite size, crunchy, nutty bits with a slight cocoa flavor. I find them a bit addicting actually.

Not So Antipasti

The reason you haven’t been hearing from me lately is that we’ve been busy getting my mom’s condo fixed up before she moves down here. The past two weekends we’ve been cleaning, painting and other odds and ends. The Chef’s dad has come up to help us as well, which has been a huge help. Also, with these weekends have come takeout. Last night we took out from Westshore Pizza, which isn’t our fav place, but it’s just around the corner.

My plate

White pizza with ricotta and spinach…not terrible, but a bit salty. We also got the strombolli, which had TONS of mozzarella and some ham. I liked that better than the pizza. And for some green we got the antipasti salad, which…was…not really antipasti…unless you normally put things such as tuna and brocolli in antipasti? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Has anyone else ever heard of this? Cause we certainly haven’t.

A Few Notable Dinners (sorry no pics)

Tried the duck quesidillas at Red Mesa Cantina. Came with pineapple (I question it’s freshness) and a nice spicey sauce that had a smooth heat. Great flavor and perfect if you aren’t that hungry (I wasn’t obviously).

Went to Bella Brava for the second time since they moved into their new space. This time it was with The Chef, who is a harder critic. He got the Bolognese, which he wasn’t thrilled with…mostly because his is better πŸ™‚ I got this baked rigatoni dish with sausage, which sounded like perfect, cheesy comfort food. Little did I know it was going to come out encased in a GIANT pizza dough shield. I really wish I had taken a pic of this, but I wanted to deflate it as quick as possible so as not to draw attention. Yes, it was THAT bad. It was a pretty simple dish and I dug it.

These next few days are gonna fly as The Chef and I prepare for our trip to Portland! Can’t wait. Sorry to say, but it will probably be another long period in between blogs. Will try and update if I can…maybe with some quick photo posts πŸ™‚ Have a great week everyone!

4 thoughts on “Salad Galore

  1. i didn’t like somersaults either! thought they tasted a bit like a dog biscuit..
    banana babies look interesting.. do they have at publix?

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