Tampa Bay Hits a Homerun

I have to say that I am very proud to be a part of the ‘Burg, and Tampa Bay in general. We live in such a wonderful area full of culture and community. St. Pete is not too big and not too small…it’s been the perfect place to launch new projects. And everyone here seems to have a common interest in…well…everything. From our food to our shops to our sports teams. We see people come together when a favorite restaurant is closing or when a team is on their last leg.

Like last night…



The Chef and I had just finished watching X-Men and I didn’t even realize the game was still on until I saw the overload of Rays comments on Facebook. Then I found out it was 7-0 until the 8th inning…8th inning! And now they’re tied and in the 11th? The Chef couldn’t grab the remote control fast enough to switch it to the game.

We sat biting our nails all the way until Longoria became the superstar for the night. Watching his team player’s reactions from the dugout was pretty priceless. The Chef jumped up and screamed victory, while I laughed with happiness.

And then that sense of community surged through me…seeing the players rejoice and the fans cheering…it made me think of how proud we all are of not just our team, but our city as well. Too much? Ah, well…

Another reason to celebrate Tampa Bay? The food, of course.

We had take out from Taco Bus last night, which was perfect since the Tampa bus was being featured on Man vs. Food! I really wanted to watch it, but we were in the middle of X-Men and it wasn’t going to happen. I’ll have to catch a re-run. But just another reason to be proud of Tampa Bay and all we have to offer!

Wednesday’s special is chicken mole so I got a chicken mole burrito. De-lish. I would have gotten an inside picture if I hadn’t been continually stuffing my face…sorry 🙂 Doesn’t beat our hole-in-the-wall place in Cape Coral, but it was still a damn good competitor. I tried ordering their Butternut Squash Centro also, but I could only half understand the man on the phone when I was ordering so he may have said they didn’t have it? Either way we ended up with guacamole, which is okay. I love guac, but this is not the best. Needs some salt and lime juice and a bit more pizzazz. But I love that it comes with full crispy tortillas.

Not pictured is the amazing Horchata I finally decided to try. Seriously. If you have never had this you need to either track down someone who makes it or make it yourself. My first thought after my first sip was “F$*k that’s good”, which tell you something right there (I hardly ever swear, even in my head). Creamy and full of cinnamon flavor, it’s the perfect pairing to a spicy Mexican feast. Thank goodness the The Chef helped me because I’m pretty sure I could have downed the whole humungous cup they give you.

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Conversation Starter: Do you have a sense of community where you live? What do you love most about the area you live in?

3 thoughts on “Tampa Bay Hits a Homerun

  1. I never thought I’d be so happy to see my team, the Yanks, lose! I was shocked they did, but hey, it kicked Boston out of the playoffs. My fiance is not to happy though… 😉

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