Dinner for One

Every now and then The Chef will have to work nights. I don’t totally mind this. Yes, I miss him and enjoy spending time with him, but I’m a natural introvert and also enjoy some alone time every now and then. It also means I get complete control of the TV remote 🙂 It also means that I’m on my own for dinner.

A few weeks ago when The Chef had to work nights pretty much every day I met up with a friend for dinner. I was busy with my own stuff, didn’t want to cook and wanted to be social. However, that week burned a mighty big hole in my wallet. The cost of eating out sure does sneak up on you!

So last night when The Chef had to work I made sure to pick up dinner for myself on the way home. I went to trusty Rollin’ Oats and picked up this…

Salmon cakes, spicy kale and black bean quinoa.

I love how healthy I eat when it’s just me. Not that The Chef and I don’t eat healthy together. But I just always seem to be uber healthy when I’m by myself.

Topped off my meal with the Fall Woodchuck.

I enjoyed this SO much more than the pumpkin version. I was excited about the pumpkin flavor, but it didn’t come through as much as I had hoped. This Fall flavor tasted…well..like Fall! All those Fall spices we love…cinnamon, clove…they all shined through this cider without being too sweet. Delish. Definitely getting a six pack next time.

Conversation Starter: If you’re in a relationship do you find that you eat healthier when dining together or separately? What about with friends?

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