Resisting the Urge of the Donut

Hello friends!

It’s been a pretty uneventful week around here. Rest assured that when you don’t hear from me for awhile it’s not because I’m out having fun, it’s because I have nada to write about.

The week has been filled with an eye doctor visit (holy moly I always forget how expensive contacts are), a Junior League meeting (always inspiring) and sloppy joe leftovers (sloppy joe plus spaghetti equals awesomeness btw). Are you snoozin’ yet? Cause I am.

The only semi-exciting thing that happened was The Chef and I having a nightcap at our beloved bar, The Ale and the Witch.

We love this place. Even though I’m not a beer drinker I still love me some cider.


There was live music, which was lovely and the courtyard was hoppin’. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

I wouldn’t expect too much excitement from us in the next few weeks since we’re hoarding our money in order to save up for our trip to Portland next month. SO excited, and you can bet we’ll be eating our brains out over there so I want to have the monies to do so.

So with the lack of excitement here’s a bit of an informational bit for you…

Resisting Snacks at Work

I love people who bring goodies to work. And I hate them at the same time. It’s always a nice gesture to bring in cookies or donuts for co-workers to snack on during the day, but hunny, it’s not doing anything for my figure.

However, I am usually pretty good at resisting office goodies. There’s one department that has goodies A LOT and I have to walk by them on my way to the bathroom. I have the opportunity to grab and go, but I just keep walking. As soon as I’m back to my desk the yummy treat is not even on my mind anymore. I truly believe in out of sight, out of mind. It works for me at least.

But it’s a different story if something is in my department and I have to stare at…all. day.

Some tips?

1. Always make sure to pack healthy snacks. Seriously. I know you’ve heard it a thousand times, but just do it. There’s a lot of times where I forget so I always make sure to leave any snacks I bring from home in my office. So they’re always there. Nuts, dried fruit, whole fruit, carrots and hummus, yogurt, etc.

2. Always eat a hearty, filling lunch. Don’t eat like a rabbit. Have a lunch filled with protein, healthy carbs and color. That way your tummy won’t be rumbling an hour after you eat.

3. Chug water. Down 8-16 oz and then see how you feel. Most of us confuse hunger for thirst.

4. If you still can’t pry your eyes from the goods, go ahead and have it. But only take half. Enough for a taste.

Or you can be like me today and say screw it, I want that damn donut.

(Yes, I’m a little kid and I love sprinkles. Especially cute little pumpkin sprinkles.)

I had a good lunch, I chugged water and I have healthy snacks. But I’ve been good on the sweets department lately (oddly enough) so I figured one donut was not going to kill me. Especially when we haven’t had any dessert in the house for a few weeks, except popsicles. And those don’t count because they’re the whole fruit ones and I consider them semi-healthy.

The main thing is to try and stay away from foods that are uber processed and that serve no nutritional value to your body. But every once and awhile I believe it’s ok to give yourself a treat. Especially when you’ve been “good”.

Conversation Starter: Any additional tips on avoiding office goodies? When someone brings a goodie in do you dig in or decline?

3 thoughts on “Resisting the Urge of the Donut

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  2. Great advice. I too work in a place where people are always bringing in goodies. Someone brought in pumpkin donuts this week- oh my that was hard to resist!
    A few years ago I used to pretty much eat everything I saw that others would bring in and not think twice about it!
    Now I have much more control and pack my own snacks/lunch everyday. I make sure to pack something I’m really looking forward to eating so I don’t tend to want something different or graze.

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