Highlights of the Week

Hello friends! Long time no write…it’s been a busy, fun-filled week.


Happy Hour at The Trunk

Monday night was another one of my friend’s fabulous meetups. We rounded up wine, cheese, crackers and fruit and headed to The Trunk shop on the 600 Block of Central Avenue in downtown St. Pete. The Trunk Stylists are Marianne and Aneesa, who are two of the  sweetest girls you could meet. They do at home shopping parties, where they bring their clothes and jewelry to you and your friends. I did this last year at my place and it was so much fun! They were just starting out then, but now they have their own store and it looks fabulous! They were nice enough to open the store to us after hours to drink wine, eat cheese and SHOP.

The Spread

The Store




Even the hangers in the dressing room are adorable!

I ended up with this super cute romper.

An example of how awesome these girls are…I would have never tried this on, but Aneesa encouraged me so I took it to the dressing room. And it actually fit nicely and looked good! Plus it’s a unique pattern. I’m not crazy about the tie belt so I’m on the hunt for a bigger woven belt to go with it. The best part? This is the first romper that actually looks good on me! I love rompers, but am always dissapointed on how they fit on my body. Either the shorts are too short or the waist part feels weird…this one is just right 🙂

After The Trunk we headed to Acropolis for dinner. I’ve given Acropolis a few tries and am still dissapointed that there’s not a decent Greek restaurant between here and Tarpon Springs. They do make a good salad though and that’s what I usually get. The grilled chicken is great and I love the dolmades on top 🙂


Tuesday I finally got my butt over to Fit for Fashion…it had been forever. After an invigorating strength training class I met up with my friend for dinner. It was Tapas Tuesday at Cafe Alma and Ceviche. We tried Cafe Alma first, but they had no free seats at the bar (which is where the 2 for 1 drinks are). Then Ceviche, but the wait was 30 minutes (!!!). We finally decided on BellaBrava.

I hadn’t been to the new space yet. My first thought walking in was that it was loud and everything echoed. Luckily we got a good table in the main room and it wasn’t so bad.

A glass of wine was much needed.

They have 6 and 9 ounce options, which I’ve never seen before. Depending on the restaurant you go to you can get the same pour amount for a lesser price. But I do like how they seperate their wine list by tastes and flavors. I had the Terre Di Tufi, which was actually a bit too light for me, but it was crisp and refreshing.

My bud’s hummus plate. I got to have her olives 🙂

I ordered the Polpettine pizza. It was really good, but I was also really hungry.

REALLY hungry.

The two other times I have tried BellaBrava (in their old space) were not pleasant experiences. The food was always eh and nothing exciting. Given that pizza though I’ll be back!

So tonight I request a salad from The Chef.

And this is what he presents me with…

Sauteed eggplant full of flavor, grilled chicken, greens and parmesan cheese.

He even makes bread fancy.

Love him 🙂

Conversation Starter: The weekend is approaching! What are your weekend plans? I’m going to a fun event tomorrow hosted by the Morean Arts Center, getting drinks with friends and going to a blogger conference and wedding on Saturday. Can’t wait!

My bud’s hummus plate…I got to eat her olives 🙂

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