7 Random Facts

1. I’m adopted.


I was adopted as an infant. I’ve known all my life…there was never a time when my parents sat me down and told me…it was just common knowledge. I wouldn’t trade my life or my family for the world. My parents gave me a wonderful life and I had opportunities growing up that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I don’t have any ill feelings towards my birthmother. Quite the opposite…I think she is the bravest woman I’ve never met. It takes a lot of courage to make such a selfless decision and I think the world of her for doing it. I do hope to meet her one day. I would love to just talk with her, see if she’s anything like me and just get to know her.

2. I don’t know how to ride a bike.


It’s true. I remember my dad and my grandfather trying to teach me when I was little, but I never took off those darn training wheels. Now here I am, in my mid-twenties, and I don’t know how to ride a bike. I really do want to learn though! I just need someone to teach me…oh and a bike 🙂

3. I love theater.


Growing up in CT, NYC was only a short train ride away. I saw numerous Broadway shows growing up and loved the idea of performing. I did a few theater camps in middle school, but really got into acting in high school. I was extremely shy, but once I got on stage I was a different person. I loved the idea of becoming someone else. I still do some acting here and there, mostly in community theater productions, but I’ve found a lot of joy in other aspects as well. Two years ago a group of theater friends and myself developed a local non-profit theater company. I do all of our marketing and fundraising, which I love because it allows me to combine my career goals with my passion for theater. I’m also working with another local theater company on a project.

4. I’m afraid of the dark.


I really hate being in the dark…espicially alone. I guess it’s the fact I can’t see what’s going and I can’t see what’s coming at me. And forget about watching scary movies in the dark! Every now and then I get random scary thoughts of the boogie man. I do sleep with all the lights off though…but I figure I’m safe under the covers and snuggled up with The Chef 😉

5. I’ve never been to the west coast.


But I will be going next month! The Chef and I have a trip planned to go to Portland, OR and I am beyond excited. We’ll also be visiting some friends in Seattle for a few days, who just moved out there. Wish we had some time to visit CA too!

6. I love being around big families.


I grew up an only child so I never had brothers and sisters to play with or fight with. My immediate family wasn’t even that big…I only had my aunt and uncle that lived in NY. But I had friends growing up that had brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles…it went on and on! They’d complain about fights, but I’d always find it entertaining. Same goes today…The Chef is one of four and he has such a bustling family. I love being a part of the action!

7. I don’t have a favorite color.


I love pink, red, purple, certain shades of green and blue, black, white. I love them all!

Thank you lapiattini for tagging me! This was fun 🙂

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1 thought on “7 Random Facts

  1. I hate the dark too! For me it’s more of being alone in the dark that freaks me out. And I’ve also never been to the west coast. Nevada’s the farthest I’ve gone. I’d love to go to all the vineyards in Cali one day though.

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