Coasting Through Coaster Making

I had a bridal shower to attend today. Earlier this week I was fretting over what to get the bride. I needed to save some cash, but wanted to give her something special. I’ve also been thinking about what new crafts I want to start working on. One of them was coasters…coasters! That’s a great gift idea! Something useful and something I can personalize.

I tried to slyly ask the bride what her wedding colors were. My plan was to use the colors and have their initials monogramed in the middle. Unforutnatly, I couldn’t find my stencils and I thought it would look crappy if I tried to draw it myself. So I had to go with plan B, which was a pretty pattern. Not as personal, but still nice looking.

Turns out coasters are easy-as-pie to make.

You can buy tiles as your base at Home Depot for .16 cents. I bought 8…4 to make for The Chef and I (and to test try making them) and the other 4 for the bride’s gift.

I bought everything else at Michaels. Corkboard for the back, scrapbook paper for decoration on the front and Modge Podge clear acrylic to finish it off. I already had regular Modge Podge at home to use to glue the paper on, as well as foam brushes for application.

How to Make Coasters

1. Cut out your corkboard. The tiles I got were 4.25 x 4.25 so I cut the corkboard 4 x 4. It had pretty good adhesive on the back so I didn’t add any glue. It seemed to stick really well. You can also use felt, but I like the corkboard better for a more professional look.

2. Cut your paper. Again I cut 4 x 4.

3. Apply paper. Use foam brush to apply modge podge on the back of the paper. Place in center.

4. Finish it off. Spray clear acrylic evenly across for a nice glossy finish. It will also help protect them from water, etc. I did 3 coats. I was going to go up to 5, but couldn’t take the chemical smell anymore.

Tada! SO easy, and I really like them. The top row were the bride’s and the bottom row are ours.

I did start to freak out a bit when this happened…

After I sprayed the pink color from the back of the paper started to show. I thought they were runied (!!!) but luckily it went away once it dried 🙂

The final product for the bride…

Conversation Starter: Do you use coasters?

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