How to Survive a Potluck

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone has had a relatively good week…mine has been bonkers. Yup, that’s right…bonkers.

Yesterday at work we had a potluck, which we normally do before holidays. I love potluck days! It’s nice to see people from other departments that you don’t see everyday and also a great way to try out people’s yummy recipes. This one girl made cupcakes that looked like watermelon! They were still cupcake shaped but were pink with green icing and had chocolate chips in them to look like seed. A. dorable.

Even though potlucks bring many tasty dishes, there are also a lot of not-so-good-for-you dishes. So, I thought I’d take a minute to run down a list of how I normally “survive the potluck”. (I actually had a lunch meeting yesterday and missed the potluck 😦 But was able to snatch up that cupcake!) I figure this will be useful to those of you attending cookouts and what not this holiday weekend.

How to Survive a Potluck

1. Survey the table before chow time.

It can be overwhelming when you first approach the potluck table. With all those goodies staring you in the face, and people behind you gently nudging you with their plastic plates to move ahead, your first reaction will likely be to take a little bit of everything. If you can, take a peak at the layout before the potluck actually begins. Check out the offerings and decide on what you’d like to try before all the hustle and bustle begins.

2. Choose foods that you can make into a meal.

I have had many a tummy ache from loading my plate with a “little bit of everything”. Let’s just say mashed potatoes and macaroni salad don’t go together. If you survey the offerings first choose the items that you think will well together…like pasta and a salad or bbq chicken and beans.

3. Stay away from mayo/cream/sour cream based foods.

This means your spinach dips, five layer dips,  etc. These are yummy, but are meant for snacks…not lunch.

4. Load up on your veggies.

As many not so good for you foods that usually end up on the table usually someone is sane enough to bring a nice garden salad, 3 bean salad or something that has veggies in it. Load your plate up with those and some protein and you won’t have room for the bad stuff.

5. Choose your dessert wisely.

I’m a firm believer in dessert. But when there’s 5 different choices your sweet tooth can get a bit out of control. Choose just one and make it’s something that you know you’ll like. Again, don’t go with the “little bit of everything” technique, otherwise you may be headed for sugar overload…and that’s definitely bad news bears, especially at work. Mid day slump anyone?

So there’s some of my tips. Keep them in mind this weekend when you’re enjoying all your get togethers!

Conversation Starter: Do you have potlucks at work? What do you usually bring?

1 thought on “How to Survive a Potluck

  1. We had one today! I should’ve read your post beforehand because, um, I kinda ate 2 cookies and a piece of cake. Oh, and had a bite of pie…oops! 😉

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