Down to the Kor

Last week I received this baby in the mail.

I got it through Gina Harney’s OpenSky shop. Seriously love that place. Even though I can’t afford much of anything, it’s still cool to see which products your fav celebs, chefs and bloggers recommend. I actually got this water bottle FREE since I had racked up a bunch of credit for referring a friend.

So far, I’m loving this Kor water bottle. I just wish it held more water :/ But it has a cool, sleek design and is easy to hold.

I’m also kind of into the “stones” that come with it with inspirational messages. Even though The Chef thought this was totally corny πŸ™‚

It’s also BPA free and my water tastes crisp and clean. I had previously been using a Nalgene and even though I cleaned it regularly I was getting the feeling that it had seen better days. Plus I like the blue color of this bottle so I can somewhat see what my water looks like as opposed to the purple color of my Nalgene.

This morning I was packing my lunch and needed to put some cantaloupe in a ziploc bag. We were out and I reached for my new EcoZip bags that I had picked up at Fresh Market. I don’t think I looked closely enough at them…

Kind of weird how they are 2 separate bags and can be turned into 1. While I can see this being somewhat useful, I see it more as wasteful. How often do you need to use two at once? I wish there was a way to separate them because now I feel like I’m wasting a bag 😦

Conversation Starter: Do you take a reusable water bottle to work or a plastic bottle? Any reason for your preference?

3 thoughts on “Down to the Kor

  1. I usually bring a plastic bottle. This is typically because I’ll mix in a Crystal Light packet or a Propel packet. Which I guess I could do in a reusable bottle! I just never thought about it.

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