The Help

Hi all! Hope everyone’s week has been fabulous…I know mine has 🙂

Wednesday was SO much fun. I met up with a few friends for dinner at BJ’s Brewhouse, where we dined on pizza and pizookies. Definitely the most unhealthy meal I’ve had in a while 😦 I ordered the Great White deep dish mini pizza with a side salad. I’m so glad I didn’t order a bigger one like I originally wanted to. This baby was covered in Alfredo sauce, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, parmesan cheese and grilled chicken. I know…I kinda wished I had gotten something with red sauce and more meat. It was a bit salty, but still good. Salad was a standard salad. We all ordered a mini pizookie for dessert. I went with the original which was ah-mazing. Everything you look about a warm, out from the oven, melty chocolate chip cookie…with a scoop of vanilla ice cream of course 🙂 I had a bite of my friend’s red velvet version, which was good…a bit too sweet, but good. Can’t beat original though!

Then it was off to the mooovies. I realized I have not been to a movie theater in probably over a year. I do like going to see movies, but these days movie theaters are just so unexciting and not to mention pricey. And the seats and floors always make my inner germaphobe squirm.

The Help was a wonderful movie…I laughed, I cried…I have never read the book, but think I might after seeing the movie (since the book is always better). So I can’t tell you how it compares to the book, but I can say that the story flowed nicely and the actors did it great justice. We’ve all seen movies and read books about segregation, but this movie shows a different perspective. I can’t even really point out one bad actor, and there’s usually always some. I love Emma Stone. I think she’s a adorable and quite a good actress. Although she worried me in the beginning… I was not believing her…but as the story built I started falling in love with her character, Skeeter.

Bryce Dallas Howard, as Hilly, played one of the most perfect mean girls I’ve seen. I only just realized she’s the girl from M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village and Lady in the Water. Octavia Spencer, as Minny Jackson, was laugh out loud funny. One critique I had about the movie was that I wish certain elements mentioned had been developed more. Minny’s relationship with her abusive husband, being one example. Skeeter’s relationship with her boyfriend being another.

Jessica Chastain, as Celia Foote, was actually my favorite overall. Her character is vivacious and flamboyant. Celia is outcasted from the group of girls and pretty much only has her husband and Minny in her life. She is desperate, yet strong and Jessica plays her with such ease.

Great movie to see with your favorite girlfriends and have a discussion afterwards.

Conversation Starter: Have you seen The Help yet? What did you think?

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