Whirlwind Monday

Whew…today went by fast.

This morning I tried my very first batch of overnight oats that everyone seems to be raving about. They were…eh. I used 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup greek yogurt and 1/2 cup skim milk. Even though I really only like to eat greek yogurt I think using a vanilla yogurt may taste better. Greek yogurt is just a bit too tart for this. Or almond or vanilla soy milk. Will have to experiment!

Banana and blueberries were great toppers 🙂

I spent most of the day in Tampa helping to edit a new TV commercial for work. It’s so fun to see that process step by step…from sweaty hours on the beach to a wonderful 30 second clip.

We ended up being there through lunch, which was ordered through Wright’s Gourmet Deli. I have never heard of this place, and when I said that everyone’s eyes got big and a menu was swiftly placed in my hands. It was big. Luckily my co-worker is a fan of this place and already knew what she wanted, but wanted to split it. We decided to split a Beef Martini sandwich and a Spinach Salad. Sorry no pics because I was hungry by the time food got to us. It was very yummy! The sandwich was chock full of roast beef, marinated mushrooms and bacon. Awesome. It was served on white bread, which I’m not a huge fan of, but it worked. The salad had goat cheese, onions, bacon (yes more bacon), peanuts and raisins. Odd combo, but it was great! A nice think mustardy vinagrette came with it, which I ended up putting too much on my salad :/

Cupcakes were also brought back…apparently they are to die for. And yes. They. Were. I tried the Hummingbird, which was pretty much like a light banana bread with cheesecake frosting. YUM. And they were just the right size…not too small so you’re like “really?”, and not too big that you feel guilty eating it.

After work I went over to Fit for Fashion for a quick Open Gym workout. Then it was time to get down and dirty and clean the apartment, which was a bit overdue. I just love the way a clean home feels!

One thing I realized I desperately need though is a jewelry box. I cleaned off my mess of a dresser, but still have piles of jewelry :/ But jewelry boxes for some reason are so expensive! Even on etsy! If they’re not expensive they’re ugly. Thinking of just making my own, which could be fun.

Conversation Starter: Have you ever given up on finding a certain object that you decided to make it yourself?

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