Tacos and Theme Parties

Every Saturday morning the guy and I go through our list of “go to” places to eat. It usually takes about an hour to finally come to a decision…yesterday morning was no different 🙂 But boy did we decide on a good one…

It took us forever to find an authentic mexican place that can hold a candle to our favorite taqueria in Cape Coral (we live in St. Pete, but the guy’s family lives in the Cape). The Taco Bus’s Tampa location has been a favorite of Tampa Bay locals for awhile now, but we never made it up there to try it. Thank goodness they finally decided to bring a second location to St. Pete’s Grand Central District. The hardest thing to find in an “authentic” mexican place is the authentic taco, and Taco Bus definitely has it down with it’s flour soft tortillas, heaps of meat and crisp vegetables. Our favorites are the barbaoca (stewed beef), cochinita (pork) and lengua (tongue…trust me, don’t knock it ’till you try it!). Of course there are many other things on their menu such as burritos, tostadas and tortas. We ended up with a lengua torta, a cochinita torta and Saturday’s special pork tamale. We’ve seen the tortas bigger and with more meat, but boy they were still delish. We never tried the tamales before, but it’s definitely going into the rotation…I’m not a big tamale person, but this was chock full of slightly spicy pork and the masa was perfectly soft. I’m now a fan 🙂

Half of my cochinita torta…

And the amazingly yummy tamale..

After lunch we headed to the grocery store so I could gather ingrediants for a Date and Blue Cheese Cheese Ball I was making for our friend’s retro themed birthday party that evening.

The recipe is from Epicurious. The first time I made it I had a guest who was allergic to nuts so I rolled it in bacon instead of the called for walnuts. This time I made it with the walnuts, but I have to say both ways are pretty awesome.

And it’s SO simple…you just need a few ingrediants…

The recipe calls for medjool dates, but the first time I used regular dates and I really don’t think you can tell a difference.

Mince the dates (warning, things can get a bit sticky) and shallots, and grate some lemon for zest.

Mix together the cream cheese, blue cheese and buttermilk.

Add the dates, shallots and zest.

Form into a ball…

…wrap in plastic wrap, and voila!

Stick in the fridge for at least two hours. Then toast and chop up the walnuts, and chop up the parsley. Mix them together and roll the cheese ball over the mix until it’s covered. Serve or stick back in the fridge until you’re ready to serve it. Easy as that!

Brought these two crackers to use as vehicles to the mouth. I was excited to see the new pita chips from Kashi…I dug ’em, but the guy prefers Stacy’s whole grain pita chips.

Party itself was fun except for the over abundance of bros and hoes in South Tampa. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that the only place I can stand for over a half hour on a Saturday night in SOHO is The Dubliner. At least you’re able to find a nook for you and your friends to hang out in and actually hear one another talk. And there’s live music! But overall the night was full of fun festivities and we met some new faces, which is always nice 🙂

After a long night and not waking up until almost noon, I walked out of the bedroom to this…

Wheat germ and walnut pancakes with cinnamon apples…umm YUM.

Now it’s a lazy day of watching a Pawn Stars marathon while trying to avoid much needed apartment cleaning…

What’s your favorite “go to” recipe for parties?

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