This is what kind of day I had…

It wasn’t a bad day, just LONG. And there’s nothing worse than a long Friday before a 3 day weekend. Am I right?
Thank goodness I have an amazing guy who cooks amazing meals and one waiting for me when I got home šŸ™‚
Not only that but he said he got me a surprise and it was in the freezer. “Really?? What is it?”


These are SO good. They remind me of being a little kid. And only 140 calories, which is the perfect amount for me according to this article I read today via my Self enewsletter. It pretty much tells you what we already know…don’t eat processed sugars, only natural ones blah blah blah. What was news to me though was the recommended amount of sugar that we’re supposed to have each day…10% of your daily calorie intake. For example, my calorie intake each day is 1800 something so I’m allowed a yummy treat of up to 180 calories.
It will be a good weekend…friend’s bday party Saturday, quiet Sunday and then fireworks get together for the 4th!

What are your 4th of July plans? Do you have any favorite low guilt desserts?


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